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Does the Keto diet really help in reversing Parkinson's? Also, how about drinking celery juice every day on empty stomach? Does taking vitamin B2 helps? Has anyone tried any of these? Trying to find some info for my dad.

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Lots of people are supportive of the keto diet for PD. It may improves the symptoms in some. It is important that your dad not to be deficient in B12. You dad can be tested for B12. Put B1 in the search window and read about it. It may be helpful.

Did you get the idea about drinking celery juice from Anthony Williams?

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merryba in reply to MBAnderson

Yes, I got the info from Medical medium.

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MBAnderson in reply to merryba

Watch this 8 minute video and tell me whether or not you believe he has x-ray vision in his hands.

This video is like a bad skit on Saturday Night Live.

If we're going to help your father, we need to disabuse you of believing in medical mediums.

PS. He says celery juice won't work if you add water. Celery juice is 95% water. i guess making a 96% water negates the miracle.

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merryba in reply to MBAnderson

I don't believe his x-ray vision hands :)

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MBAnderson in reply to merryba

A h-h-h-h, there is hope for your dad.

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park_bear in reply to MBAnderson

"Medical medium" has elevated ignorance to an art form:

"As the [Epstein-Barr] virus feeds on toxins that are readily available (such as mercury, aluminum, copper, and other toxic troublemakers, plus foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and gluten), it can release neurotoxins that cling to nerves—whether exposed root hairs, injured nerves, or even non-damaged nerves. This can create symptoms of different types, and each variety of EBV does something a little different. An EBV variety may have an appetite for a more toxic food such as mercury, or it may produce a more toxic neurotoxin that can inflame nerves just by touching them—without the nerves even being injured or frayed. "

Water comes in different structural forms. So the 95% water in celery is most likely structured water vs the unstructured water from a tap. You can look up the work of Gerald Pollack - 4th phase of water from University of Washington.

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Bolt_Upright in reply to merryba

Now this celery stuff is on the edges of alternative PD ideas, and celery juice just seems weak.

But celery seed powder has apigenin:

Protective role of apigenin on rotenone induced rat model of Parkinson's disease: Suppression of neuroinflammation and oxidative stress mediated apoptosis

You can get apigenin supplements.

You can get celery seed extract, but it is hard to tell how much apigenin you are getting.

You can also get chamomile extract, but it has even less apigenin.

I'm not sold on apigenin, and I am cheap, but still curious, so I spent $20 and got a pound of whole dried chamomile flowers

I grind them in a coffee grinder and have a teaspoon full twice a day, mixed with a teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon, a teaspoon of ground nigella sativa seeds, and a few pieces of licorice. I just mix it in a cup dry and eat it a little at a time with a spoon. I like it.

Note: I am pretty fringe on alternative treatments. And I have not been diagnosed with PD. I have REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (which my doctor calls pre-PD).

I gave celery seed extract a good try. In the end I had to abandon it because it was causing dystonia. Others reported the same. As a result I have come to believe it is not really disease modifying, but merely increases muscle tone. My report here:

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Sudhap in reply to Bolt_Upright

Does above conctuon helps constipation?

Perhaps the cognitive impairment in PD associated with RBD has caused you to get your information from the New York Post??

That made me laugh. Thanks Marc.

I have seen one or two reports from forum members that said B-2 was useful.

Here is a link for info about B-1 that many forum members have reported as useful for their PD symptom management :


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merryba in reply to chartist

Thank you!

B vitamins are made in the gut by a healthy microbiome. If you do not have a healthy microbiome then you are not making the B vitamins endogenously. Synthetic vitamins are not recognized the same way but can provide support while you heal your gut and restore your own production of B vitamins.

Keto allowed me to get off the parkinson med. Being in first stage the last five years. After doing and getting off the meds I stopped shaking. I still shake at times but to the point where no one notices just my self. My parkinson was very painful and could hardly walk. I put away the cain and from a 8 to 9 scale it lower to 1 to 2 on the scale. No more shots in my back also. Brain fog is no longer as well. I wish I knew about Keto when first found I have parkinson....

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JeanieBeanie in reply to rhall

Didn't the Keto stop your meds working? Its mostly protein and that blocks the PD meds.

Keto allowed me to get off the parkinson med

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Manypony in reply to Manypony

I don’t use meds either, not entirely keto but very conscientious about diet

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amykp in reply to JeanieBeanie

Keto is not mostly protein, it is mostly fat. You have to watch your protein intake as well as your carbohydrate intake.

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cielserin in reply to rhall

qu’est ce que keto ?

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cielserin in reply to rhall

qu’est ce que KETO ?

Tried organic celery juice every morning half an hour before my breakfast. I don’t see that it makes a huge amount of positive difference, if any. However I also don’t think it has a negative impact. I treat it as a bit of a detox before the day starts.

I tried celery juice for a several months and I didn’t notice any improvement in symptoms. It did make me loose a lot of weight which I didn’t want cause I’m already pretty thin. Also at one point every time I drank it I had loose stool. So, not for me. I just wanted to share my experience.

I have been strictly keto for three years, and highly recommend it. I am not off meds, but my neurologist believes I’m doing exceptionally well. Perform an Internet search for Dr. Matthew Phillips, keto, and Parkinson’s for some of his good work on the subject.

Keto definitely improves my symptoms

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Smittybear7 in reply to House2

What were your symptoms

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House2 in reply to Smittybear7

Stiffness, brain fog, tremor, reduced use of my right arm. All improved when I went keto.

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House2 in reply to Smittybear7

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Smittybear7 in reply to House2

Thank you

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MBAnderson in reply to House2

good study

Can someone recommend any brand of B1?


Also here are some other things that may help:

My list of interventions that may help reduce progression. Thiamine, exercise and cinnamon particularly helping me:

• Vigorous daily exercise

• High-dose thiamine, courtesy of Dr. Antonio Costantini

• Cinnamon, extensively researched by Prof. Kalipada Pahan, PhD. My report


A recent study came up with no effect but some people have said it helps.

• Ambroxol

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MBAnderson in reply to park_bear

I guess it's time for me to add cinnamon my repertoire. Thanks PB

Thank you!

Hi,I'm not sure of any of this REVERSING PD, but what I have found very useful is making sure of taking high nutritional food,take multivitamin including B vets, cut out alcohol and exercise everyday for at least an hour....walking is great...I have PD but doing this for the past 3 years means its not got worse and is now manageable...hope this helps....Good luck


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