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Impact of Parkinson's

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My blog on Mike may have been a little harsh but I still feel I've been stereotyped. Actually, I was just provoking thought on the subject. Micheal j Fox had Parkinson's way before me, I think . He has been a great advocate for Parkinson's but, I was never truly taken back by him. The time I was truly moved was when Muhammad AlI lite torch 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. 5 years before I was dx. That was the action of a true hero. This is when I said to myself if he can over come that my life isn't that bad. Little did I know , I would have the same disease 5 years later.

I question Hollywood sometimes. Superman get paralyzed we are going to find a cure to make people walk again. Micheal j Fox gets Parkinson in 1999 in 2005 there will be a cure. Charlie Sheen gets herpes today there is a cure tomorrow. Then the foundations come rolling in like the Charlie Sheen Foundation for herpes. not true my sick sense of humor.

I believe my Parkinson to me caused be the gulf war. I consider my self lucky as hell. Now when, I go to the va hospital . All I see is kids 20 24 maybe and they don't have to worry about shaking stiffness or tumors in their arms or legs because they don't have any . Masking some have faces missing burnt off. There no cure for them no foundation ,I guess they have to wait until some movie star joins the army and gets wounded. Then they will be ok .So I guess what I am trying to get across is there maybe no cure in my life time or Ali mikes or yours, I am ok with that. I never demanded one. But 5 million dollars was raised to help find a cure for Packinsons . Could like million go to the people with Parkinson's to help them and there families survive. Here's an idea lets raise money for Parkinson's patients and there families. A scholarship for kids with a parent with Parkinsons. That would be a true miracle

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I empathise with your thoughts and for me Ali is a shining hero. There are many false hopes raised about a "cure" for PD - I have come to treat these with cynicism and steer a wide berth around them - I wake up every morning wishing upon a star for a cure for this wretched condition and hope that I have the courage to accommodate my PD and not become it. Out it the mist. Tony

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Captsteve in reply to compucure

tony just live life to the fullest man if a cure comes great if doesnt f it. my luck it would come i get it and get hit by a bus the next day lol

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Yep Steve you are right f it and do it!! Go well. Tony

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You are so right Steve! I have been a military dependent for 30 years, my husband was in Vietnam and has many medical issues, and our children have had a few that are believed to possibly be from his time there. I worked and with MWR and have a disability retirement (luckily) from my career. I have done volunteer work with Families of Fallin Soldiers, and Wounded Warriors, and am very happy for them that there is many agencies that do help these unfortunate people. But must agree, that it would be wonderful to have help for families left without an income because their bread winner has PD, or people with PD that have lost their jobs, income, and even families thru divorce or other heartbreaking reasons. Maybe all that money for PD research needs to go to the PD families in need or the Parkies themselves that have nothing.

That would certainly make a HUGE difference in many lives.

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AmyLindy in reply to Debfrmco

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ParlePark in reply to AmyLindy

Thanks Amy!

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In my reply I said all the research money should go to less unfortunate because of PD.....I meant a small portion should. My bad...

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we all cant be movies stars Deb

thanks for the comment

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what makes me upset about MJF is thats what people see when i was working and did not have a good day people wood say to me,if MJF can still make movies how come you cant do you job,at the time is was driving truck for a major food supplier. it is hard to get disabily i think because of him.he has done a good job at rasing money for resurse. but maybe he should help people wiht PD get some help i think he wood understand this better if he had to worry about how to pay for all the meds sending you daughter to collage and watching you wife have to work so hard to make ends meet im sure other men feel the same way, you go from being strong,being able to work and take car of your familey to someone who cant even walk to the bathroom at times,sorry i vented but this has botherd me about MJF for a long time

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i always think about 9-11. they had no time to live, or plan or think, and though it does not help it places the importance of here and now.

i play music, pc blurb books,loving my dying dog and tv 's nancy grace...she takes care of my inner hostility,lifetime my lack of dating,and local chicago news my desire to take a walk at night.

my sense of humor, it's a powerful gift.

gotta use it or ya lose it.

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Parkinsons is not the end of the world but it may feel like the end of yours.

But that's the point its your life, only you can change it.

MJ Fox got off his arse and did something for himself.

The fall out has had an impact worldwide on pd.

If we can do the same in any way we can we empower ourselves and others.

It may be as simple as telling someone what works for us ie drinking a cup of coffee stops my drugs wearing off.

You will always get some idiot who sees us at our best and thinks we are fakes.

They dont realise our drugs are an invisible wheelchair and that the wheels keep falling off.

There's a lot of money out there but a lot of it is spent on administration.

A cure may come or may not but in the meantime we need to have some direct help for those who dont have the luxury of financial stability.

If Charlie Sheen has got herpes here's hoping its KHV

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PD AVENGERS - join the Campaign @ENDINGPD.ORG. Easy take-action group/proactive with pre-written letters to link to The President. We are stronger together. Rec everyone click, sign & send at:

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