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Study: Compound in fruit, herbs may prevent, reverse Parkinson's brain damage

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Farnesol is already extensively used in products like essential oils but I can not find it in a supplement or I ingestible form. Study was at John Hopkins which is good but in mice is disappointing. What’s next? When the next phase is not explicitly stated I assume it’s bc nothing is planned.

But if a fruit extract presently used in products could potentially halt PD, we need to pursue this.

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I see some made by spectrum, but it's really expensive. I'll keep looking.

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Actual study here:

Looks like they used some of the better rodent models. Fulltext with dosage information behind pay wall. Farnesol available at Amazon, $20 per ounce:

Which may or may not be a reasonable price depending upon dosage.

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Interesting. If you search for "farnesol supplement" you get a lot of dead ends. But if you just search for "farnesol" there are a couple of suppliers. I suppose that's because it's never been used as a supplement before, which makes total sense, since if it was a supplement someone would've tried it on PD before.

However, it IS used for things like perfume and essential oils, so we're in luck. It is naturally present in some herbs and fruit, so it's not patented. I've found 2 suppliers so far - I suppose they sell it to perfume makers. So it IS available right now(!), it's not in high demand (yet), but you won't find it on sites like vitacost or purebulk (yet). I have called purebulk and they're going to look into getting some. It probably won't become cheap until PWP start buying a lot of it. In the meantime, we can buy from the same source that perfume makers get it from. It's a bit expensive, but not extremely. We could get together and do a bulk order if there's enough interest. The only other interesting facts I've found so far are: it's an "irritant", not good to get in your eyes, and it's toxic to fish. Huh.

However, there are the usual questions about what dose might be safe for humans, whether it's pure (if not what else is in the product?) etc.

Here's one source for farnesol (much more expensive than the rest, if I'm doing my conversions properly):

And it looks like you can buy some on Amazon here (Same as Park Bear's):

You can also buy it directly from the company selling it on Amazon. It's a dollar or so cheaper since you get free shipping if you buy from them directly.

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Thank you for researching this! Thank you for contacting Bulk Supplements. That was a wise idea. I am very interested in acquiring it once I have further verified the safety of it. Given how it is presently used, I am confident it is worth pursuing. To think that PD could potentially be slowed by a fruit extract currently vastly used for other purposes is quite amazing. Leaving no stone unturned!

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Safety is important of course. All I know so far is from their Amazon listing. From the label warning, it sounds pretty un-safe. OTOH if it's used in perfumes and essential oils, it would seem that there's a (perhaps very small) amount that might be safe to inhale? The label warns against inhaling, so that's confusing. And, of course, ingesting it would be different than inhaling it. I'm going back to the study to see if there are any clues.

I'm personally going to be very careful with this. Although it was used on rodents, we don't know if there were any long-term side effects (they're not always obvious immediately), if it's safe in humans (that's what human studies are for), etc.

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I would like to contact the researcher(s) at John Hopkins and ask what their future intentions are and what we can do to support them.

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I found this and posted it on a different thread. It has the contact information.


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Thanks to you all for investigating this "new" potential supplement. Please keep us updated.

There is natural and synthetic. Maybe the natural is not so toxic?

Looks like it is in camomile and lemongrass which can be bought as herbal tea. Otherwise not approved for ingestion as a medicine.

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