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Hi folks, I am new and was diagnosed with RA about 8 months ago at the age of 69.I was blindsided by this disease.  My hands were so bad, I could barely do anything with them.  My feet hurt so bad.  I was referred to RA Dr. who gave me little information, but did ex rays, blood test confirming everything.  She put me on Celebrex, which did nothing  so she stopped that. I was scheduled to have a hip replacement in Jan. so  I was unable to take anything before the surgery and 6 weeks after.  The Dr. did put me on low dose prednisone, which I felt great on.  I have been on line looking at alternative ways to treat my RA.  I read research about meds, supplements that reduce inflammation.  I also took myself off prednisone 2months ago and had felt pretty good ( still going to PT for hip).  I now take about 25 supplements daily.  I did have a flare that lasted about 10 days, I increased some of the supplements esp. turmeric, and have felt much better and swelling is down. My RA Dr. was not pleased with my decision to go natural and told me to call her when I needed  her and scheduled me for a visit NEXT year, basically goodby.  Which was fine, I did not feel good about her from day one. I have concerns about many of the meds that are prescribed, I had TB as a child and I have asthma, so I am concerned about my lungs.  If I get a chest cold I really have a hard time. I am very careful during cold season. I am very careful about diet, especially so due to celiac disease.  I would like to hear if anyone has tried natural supplements or alternative medicine. Also, to hear from others who have had respitory  problems and how they deal with it on meds.  Thanks for any info you can pass on

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  • finally someone else is looking for alternative , holistic answers ! the meds r.a. drs give are poison ; cause extreme amt of other and more dangerous side effects. eyes first. oncologist is loaded down with r.a. patients ; its the meds they give that cause severe problems that are irreversible. thats just one body part. go to Mercola .com and find some answers there. the tumeric is great !. fish oil; the best from the purest waters. on and on. or google alternative treatments for r.a. understand drs and their attitude towards holistic meds. ama disregards these as it would cut into big pharma and drs monies. they are intimidated and in denial. I also read about castor oil packs. book; by william mc garey m.d. called the oil that heals.

    you are a wise and strong woman. the wonderful part of you dealing with this crap is that you have family; a good man to help you through.

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