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Breast implants and RA/Lupus


Hi 🙂. I am new to this site. Does anyone have experience or info regarding a link between breast implants and autoimmune diseases? I’m 39 and was recently diagnosed with RA / Lupus. I came across some disturbing studies that were done in this regard.

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No but I’d be curious to find out, too. But that doesn’t explain why so many others that don’t have breast implants, are fighting this same dreaded disease.

Charm-white in reply to tselph

Agreed, I’m certainly not implying that it is the sole cause, I know there are a list of causes, just mentioning in case someone has it and just maybe it is their trigger

Personally I think it is false I think it is genetic as my mother had it. She didn't have breast implants. I do but I am not removing them as I don't believe it


I was curious after I read your post so did a search on the web and did find studies regarding breast implant and RA and other autoimmune diseases. It seems it can be a risk factor but so can many other things including genetics, infections and other factors I read that hair dye can increase chance of lupus by 30% so I stopped doing that seeing as I have 3 autoimmune diseases. But sometimes the cause is just unknown and we have to deal with it. But for you I would be sure to have the yearly check of the implants to make sure no leakage or other problems

Hi. I know there are so many causes, it’s so sad. Agreed regarding the hair dyes etc. The more natural the better I’ve learnt. I went vegan a month ago which has really made a huge difference to the joint pain and symptoms. In the New Year I think I’m going to try major detoxes and cutting out gluten, coffee and alcohol. No fun this auto-immune thing. Will definitely schedule a check on the implants or remove rather. All the best

If it's not too costly I would consider removing the implants too. It won't cure you of course but your worries will decrease for sure. I am avoiding unhealthy and processed foods and have cut way back on any gluten foods but unwilling at this point to give up coffee and an occas wine. But then again I don't have a great deal of pain now that I am on a biologic drug. All the best to you too!


Don't know if this will help, Charm-white:

"Breast implants" search results for these 2 forums might yield additional useful thoughts:

. . . • NRAS:

. . . • Lupus UK:


Wishing you luck in finding answers. 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞

And, Happy Holidays to you & your beloveds, Charm-white. 🎄 🔖 🎁 🎅 ❄️ ☃️ 🌨


Thank you very much Kai, that’s very kind of you. Happy holidays 🏖🤩

Kai-- in reply to Charm-white


Speak of the devil . . . 😳

Just heard a podcast where a woman (Ricci from Utah) mentioned in passing ( ), that she had her breast implants removed, Charm-white. 😯

'Ricci' didn't make it sound like the implants were a 'cause' of her RA, but their removal as being more of a precautionary/ preventative measure (in addition to numerous other things she'd done . . . mercury dental fillings removed, etc.) in an attempt to alleviate her RA. 🤔

(This is a podcast series I routinely listen to & Ricci mentioning her 'implants' reminded me of your recent concern, Charm-white. Hope this helps. 🙏 😌 )


If interested, here's Ricci's experience:



🎄 🔖 🎁 🎅 ❄️ ☃️ 🌨


I have breast implants as of 30 years ago-----same time I started having symptoms!!!

A lot was written about breast implants---fibromyalgia, RA, lupus back in the day. Nothing was ever proven!

Let me know what you find out. Please post!!

Hi Debb721. Google ‘breast implants and RA/Lupus’ and read the feedback from Rheumatologists as well as the heaps of studies done. I was particularly disturbed by studies which indicated the onset of RA, Lupus and another AI disease, Shrogens, i think, in between 30 - 40% of women who had implants from a matter of months - 5 years. The disturbing part was that they only counted the women as having the onset if they had been hospitalized for the symptoms!!!! That completely excludes any known person who is diagnosed and gets medicated by a specialist or normal doctor, which is crazy! Again, I am not implying that this happens in all women with implants, but clearly, given these studies, there are heaps of women out there who are affected by it. I was told by my plastic surgeon to have my PU covered implants removed at the 10 year mark and have them replaced and have a lift at the same time. I had not yet gone back because time flies I guess and I didn’t need a lift - that was 11,5 years ago, so 30 years sounds very long, although on some of the blogs women had said that their surgeons said the implants were for life? Do quite a bit of digging when you google, the more I searched, the more I found on the studies including studies done by rheumatologist associations

Thanks Kai 🦋🌷

I have wondered the same. I have implants and the RA was many years later. But mine are encapsulated & I need to replace w/silicone. I have probably read some of the same material you have online about the “chicken skin like” material that indicates leaking. If silicone leaks I can certainly see how it could have adverse effects. Just haven’t found any good studies to confirm it. Makes perfect sense tho.

This is an old reply I just found this support group. I will tell you this. I have breast implants and it did not cause my rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s disease and Reynards syndrome. Come to find out I already had those diseases before I got the implants I had just not been diagnosed correctly. Because it takes so long To get a correct diagnosis. It’s a little late but I hope this helps you in someway.

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