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Can Supplements cause Crohn's

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Please tell me what you can about my wife Amy's condition. She is a 50-year-old female, who was in good physical condition, prior to taking Solgar Flush Niacin approximately 40 mg, however, mixed it with Spring Valley 500 mg Inositol Hexanicotinate. She took Butyrate too. This was sold to us as a health Niacin Flush. She took this Niacin and Inositol Hexanicotinate mix in July and is now diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Tight feeling in the forehead sometimes, ulcers in the intestines were observed during the colonoscopy a few weeks ago. Blurry vision sometimes. Heart races at times. Dry mouth. She no longer gets sensation in the tummy of flooding warmth at night. Less shaky feeling in limbs too. Diarrhea is gone, but it is now turned to constipation

Foods seem to trigger a pain in the gut most likely where the ulcers are located ( Dairy is not good) . Tight forehead feeling gets worse when this food reaction takes place. After eating she sometimes gets pain, but if she eats low Serotonin ( or right foods) , she might feel no pain.

Have you seen others have this metabolic snap when taking supplements? Any idea what she should do? Or who she should see for treatment? Have seen the Gastro, Neurologist , and our GP. Our doctors don't know much about these supplements causing a metabolic change and causing something like Crohn’s. Appointment with Functional Medicine doctor in a few weeks. Please help us. Thank you for the kind words and recommendations during this stressful time. I am staying attentive to her. We are trying gluten free and casein free diet. We are also trying to rise up and stay positive with the new diet and perhaps some prayer and meditation. This has been tough on my AFIB / heart. Good luck to all of you on your journey to better health. She is in the middle in pic on Halloween a few years ago. Yard Ape

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Spring Valley vitamins are not good quality. As far as Crohn's, I suggest eating right. Bland foods, no fried, no nuts, no seeds. Eat organic baked chicken, baked sweet potatoes, apple sauce.Keep looking for a good Gastro.

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Hi Casinolife, thanks for the diet tips :)

yes diet is key esp for my daughter with chrones no gluten and dairy and anything else that she may be sensitive too.(we did a food sensitivity test) A good functional or interagrative doctor is key (they call it leaky gut). ours helped us so much to get on the right path with no meds. her inflamation is so super low and we found out she has a non celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity that makes her just as sick as a person with celiac.

Hi Oliver01 , We will get that food sensitivity test done. thanks :)

Best of luck... have you discussed treatment options (steroids, medication etc..). You may need to get some medication in to help get over a flare and to remission.

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We didn't think the steroids would solve the problem and do not have an official diagnosis yet.It's not Crohn's it's turned out to be.But yes we are looking into medication

Can I ask why she started taking those supplements?

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