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I spent a weekend in the local hospital as they suspected appendicitis. Following a CT scan they had signs of inflammation in my Sigmoid Colon. My CRP was raised at 20, but given the fact I also have RA I wasn't that worried about that. I had a Calpropectin test which has come back at 279.4.

I am due a colonoscopy in a few weeks (I had to chase this as my clinic letter came through, but no appointment for the colonoscopy, which is when I found out that I fallen through the cracks).

I have had these procedures before, as they used it to diagnose my IBS. But back then I didn't have RA or any serious allergy product.

Following my colonoscopy, what more may they throw at me in clinic? Does anybody know?

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Your calprotectin test suggests IBD as it is over 100. Many people wit IBD are misdiagnosed with IBS for years. having RA also increases your risk as it is also an auto immune disorder.

fortunately most meds for RA and IBD are the same, just dosing can be a little different.

to be honest, they may want repeat bloods but otherwise a high calprotectin and colonoscopy with positive biopsies is enough for a diagnosis.

your rheumatologist and gastroenterologist should work together to find a medication that works well for you

Thank you for your reply.

Since I have had RA, I have tried 2 DMARDs and had to come off both.

I suppose it is just a case of watch this space.

Thank you.

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