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Abdominal pain

Think this is the right place its actually regardin my 8yr old daughter for a good few month she has been having stingin pain wen opening her bowels bright red blood i assume its an anal fissure as it stings took her to doc they prescribed laxido...all been well then tonight straight after eatin pizza and chips frm takeaway lol she actually got bad stomach ache and belly really distended and bloated then said felt sik shes had nurofen not sure if to take hosp unless pain gets worse but im thinkin is it related to the previous blood!! The doctors wont scan her am gettin fed up cos shes my child and her belly looks huge shes only 8. Not ringin 111 they say get to doc next 24hrs its ridiculous any advice plz help

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Think im on the right site either this or bowel disease so wasnt sure lol. Only 2 related links x


It doesnt sound like inflammatory bowel disease as no history of diarrhoea (for weeks/months not odd occassion), weight loss etc. I can understand your worries but if an adult came to me with these symptoms I would suggest they have constipation (Im an adult nurse, not trained as childrens but I am a mum). It maybe that due to a fissure she has been reluctant to go and becoming constipated in the process.

Prior to having the laxido how often was your daughter have her bowels opened and if you look up 'Bristol stool scale' what type of stool was she passing. I ask before laxido as this will make stools softer and more regular


Bowels opened normal atleast once a day is normal for some? Hard stools. I do think she has ripped her rear end when going and that is the causes of sharp stinging pain with bright red blood her belly very swollen but maybe constipation cos she hasnt been as of yet inreally want doc to scan her but they wont but even kids can still get serious med cond thanks xx


I agree that children can get serious med conditions, but it certainly doesn't sound like crohns or colitis. You can ask your GP to refer her to a paediatrician or if she becomes really unwell with pain go to A&E, she will at least be seen by a paediatrician there.

Good luck x

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