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Suspected IBD

Hi everyone, ive suffered with bowel issues since being 18. I'm now 26. My doctors has put it down to IBS with no tests. Over the last year my symptoms have got worse to a point that I have diarrhoea, bloating, stomach pains nearly every other day. I have also had an excruciating pain where last month I was hospitalised and nearly had an operation for appendicitis which I refused. The consultants had never seen blood results like mine but couldn't understand why I wasn't in severe abdo pain so they agreed not to give me an op for appendicitis. They said to go to gp for tests as my symptoms relieved after a few hours but my blood results remained high especially my white blood cells. My second lot of results showed blood loss and suspected anaemia. Then a month later, all results totally normal and docs said no further action. I since went to doctors today with symptoms mirrored to IBD, I am constantly exhausted and have no energy. I asked for a referral to a gastro and my doctor said no, I simply have Ibs and tskr multivitamins but did agree to give me a fecal calprotectin test. I'm concerned as my symptoms are dormant if you like and quiet the last week or so but this is normal for me then I get a bad flare up. Should I wait for a flare up to do a stool test or do it now? Will the results show if I have IBD even with no active flare up?? Does anybody else have a similar experience? Thanks

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Faecal calprotectin will help distinguish between IBD and IBS. As your inflammatory markers were raised I cannot understand why your GP or the hospital did not investigate further.

I would definitely get a second opinion from another Dr. Have you noticed blood or mucus in your stools? how often are you going in a day, what is the colour etc - write it all down so when you see a Dr who listens, you have evidence. the Bristol stool scale is universal and is a good measuring tool to describe your stools, that GP's, consultants & nurses understand.

Dont let this GP fob you off without further tests - if your inflammatory markers were raised it is not IBS. of course it could of been an infection, but better to be safe than sorry. Also if your not absorbing vitamins this will leave you tired and at risk of malnutrition - supplements are not the answer, and the GP should know that.

Out of interest is the GP a young or older person?

Keep on & good luck x

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Hi, thank you for your response. My gp is early 50's. My 5 lots of bloods I had taken show 4 abnormal and 1 normal but my docs said because the latest one is normal then that's it no further action. He has agreed to a stool test and he said this will show any inflammation etc. Maybe then I will get referred. When I have no flare I can go to the toilet 3 times a day with normal stools. When I have a flare up I can go 6-10 times a day and can either have water diarrhoea and sometimes constipation with only clear mucus and wind. Would you suggest waiting for flare up to do stool test?


I agree with previous reply. Don't let doc fob you off. My son went years being fobbed off with the usual ibs and piles. In the end he demanded a colonoscopy and he has Ulcerative Colitis. You have to fight for tests these days.

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