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What is wrong with me?

I have suffered with urgency on needing to open my bowels intermittently for a few years. It is loose motion and often undigested food. Just recently I have had really bad pains all over my abdomen especially upper middle. I have had profuse diarrhoea watery and some mucous, no blood and a lot of gas for 5 days now up to 10 times per day. My whole abdomen is really swollen and I have got a lot of rumbling which then leads to another trip to the toilet. I getting weaker and more tired by the day. My dad died on 15th July from pancreatic cancer which was diagnosed in February this year. I have been off work for a month to care for him and then afterwards. I returned to work on Monday and am struggling but can't take any more time off.

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you need to see your GP ASAP and request bloods, faecal calprotectin and ref to Gastro to rule out IBD. stress is a major factor in flare ups and you certainly have been under a lot of stress recently. it may just be IBS but with symptoms ongoing over a few years it needs investigating. are there any other symptoms you are experiencing?

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Hi there, you really need to see your GP and have investigations carried out i.e. certain tests for certain illnesses. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy before I was diagnosed with IBS but as Willow has said below there could be other tests that you will need to rule out other conditions.


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