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No fibre


Went to see dietician. Advised I stop all fibre. Whilst I am in a flare up. To gradually reintroduce when in remission. The pain went over night.more control in the flatulence.

Also suggested Yakult for a month see how I stools are yellow.but my pain is more manageable. Why aren't we told this at the beginning. Why arnt we better informed

Anyone else tried Yakult?

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Hi it's very frustrating to say the least. I have Crohn's but had UC many years ago. By the time I had all the tests done and was diagnosed with UC it pretty much cleared up!! I tried Yakult after my operation and it made me feel good but I have a colostomy bag and let's just say it gave me loose bowels but that dosnt mean it won't be ok for you. I think the live organic yoghurt would be better!! I'm ok with this. It was recommended by a lady who used food and supplements to keep you in good health. It's a case of researching yourself and be as informed as you can be.

Thanks for that.I am getting very loose.and can do without it.the no fibre is making me feel better though.will try the yoghurt.

By the way, I love the name you've chosen!!!😂😂😂

One day may change it to justasmallache

Hopefully 😁👍😂

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