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Interesting post!!!

Hi everyone, for anyone who may be interested in reading a piece on Crohn's here is the link!! Only you'll have to manually type it in as I don't know how to post it😊's

Personally I like to read anything that may help or give a better insight into IBD!!! After all we all have to take responsibility for our health. Il be the first to admit I ate a lot of junk food and mountains of sugar in chocolate!! Not any more though!!!

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Just a word of warning!

Any non medical 'research' is iffy in my opinion. Whilst most supplements are naturally found in diet etc manufactured ones are not so easily absorbed by the body and have several side effects.

I would always get advice from gastroenterologist before taking any supplements, as they can also cause interactions with prescribed medication

Interestingly I never ate fast food or junk food and only had a chocolate bar once a week when I was younger - I still have Crohn's, and the exact same for my brother too.


Hi Willow, I think there is a genetic link in lots of cases of IBD as in my family. There are 7 members In my family with IBD and interestingly enough there is only one who uses diet and supplements to treat her Crohn's and she has been in remission for 15 years. I have discussed diet and vitamins with a number of health proffesionals since being diagnosed with Crohn's.most of them think it should be something done along side of medical treatment. Interestingly my cousin who uses diet and supplements is a nurse!!! The drugs she was given made her housebound and very ill!! That's why she went the opposite way. Of course it's a must to discuss supplements with gastro team and consultant. They usually ask that you bring any with you to appointments. I think most medically trained people usually shun the idea of supplements and some other therapies. As long as you check it can't harm you then it's a personal choice. However just as with traditional medicine there is always a risk!! A doctor at the hospital said. To me there is always a risk!! Nothing is black and white!! He said that doctors do get it wrong !! This was a few minutes before he drained my lung!! Anyway we must make our own choices when we can because we don't always get that luxury. Quick question while your around do you know if anything has happened to StewartDS? I haven't seen him for a long time.


Im a nurse too, and tried diet instead of medication for a time. I ended up with Crohns from rectum to small bowel - it was just at the splenic flexure prior to that - Guess we all different.

I dont dismiss supplements its just there are side effects and the Glutamine L recommended in report does interact with mercaptopurine & methotrexate, so caution is nedded.

Iv not heard anything from Stewart, I could try message him and let him know of your concerns if you like


Yes I know you're a nurse I remember you saying before. My daughter is a nurse too!!! Crohn's is such a horrible disease!!im going to hospital tommorow to see what medication I'm going to be put on!! No doubt there will be side effects to deal with from that. If you could messsge Stewart I'd appreciate it. I've searched for him myself but couldn't find him.

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Theres always side effects - as if IBD not enough to worry about.

I cannot find anything for stewart. even his comments are gone, there are the odd message saying thank you StewartDS, when he has commented on someones post, but not the post itself.


Ok well Thankyou for looking!! I just hope he's ok 🙏🏻


It is an interesting post and have never tried it but what really helped me was probiotics. Like you I ate a lot of junk food and drank a lot of Coke but have had very few issues since taking probiotics. I realize this may not be the answer for everyone and everyone should check with their doctor before starting any new treatment or using supplements. If they can't do any harm then they may be worth a try if your doctor approves as you have nothing to lose but the cost of the supplement.


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