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Want mysonto feel better

My son has had UC for 16 yrs plus Crohns for last 10 or so yrs.

He is very unwell treating with Azothyaprine 150mgs and his fatigue level is off the scale.

His recent bloods were " fine" according to consultant....B12 was 503 from a range of 175---975

Ferritin about halfway too.

Low CRP so they are not concerned.

As I have PA and so does his brothet I would lime to see his B12 at top end....any thoughts very much appreciated.


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Hi and thank you for taking the time to write me.

I stopped using aluminium saucepans many yrs ago due to hearing the harmful effects so what you say makes sense. Very worthwhile to try.

PA is Pernicious Anaemia another immuno problem.

Can begin tomorrow with your recommendations, thanks again



Certainly not written too much, the more information I read the more chance I can help my son. Thank may well be a long road but at least we began the journey.



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