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Hello from a newbie


I'm new here - recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and still unable to hold in food and water. Panicking a bit I suppose as I've been like this for over six weeks now. Been suffering on and off for around seven years but GP said that I had IBS. Only positive is that I'm losing a lot of weight; I would like that to stop now as I've no energy.

Any tips? Or can you point me in the right direction to find out about tips for newbies?


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Hi Julie, Do you have a consultant/IBD nurse yet to ask for advice? Are you on some meds? Try small snacks of very bland food like white carbs, fish, eggs and see if that helps.



I suffer with colitis, have to watch what I eat. Find certain foods trigger my problems, have you tried keeping a food diary to see which foods might trigger a attack. Then avoid them for a while. To see if it helps. Best of luck.

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I've had this for 40 years. Before I started medication I was drinking gatorade and eating crackers for 6 weeks. But nothing changed I still had diarrhea. I started Asacol and never went back to the hospital for that reason. Now Blue Cross won't pay for Asacol anymore and I've had to switch to another drug which has not worked as well. I had almost a year without symptoms then I started in. I have had diarrhea for 3 weeks. I have changed my diet to eat foods with little to no fiber. Rice Krispies, Saltines, popsicles, jello, soup. You know the stuff you eat in the hospital. Yuk. I read where it's not good to skip a meal even if you are afraid to eat. I have not felt well in 3 weeks. I have pooped in my pants so much the last 3 weeks it is unbelievable. I told the doctor I need diapers.


Hi Julie I also have the same, I suffered for a year before seeking medical help. I had to completely change my diet and start medication after about 8 weeks everything settled down. As everything else it flares up from time to time I find stress and worry really plays hell with it. I also gave up smoking.


Hi Julie, I had ulcerative colitis some years ago, started vomiting at Christmas on and off, everything I ate made me I'll to the point I stopped eating pretty much everything. I was diagnosed with gastritis after having a gastroscopyI was given omeprazole 40mg initially. This stopped me being sick!!! After the gastroscopy I was put on 80mg. In May I was sent to A and E where it was discovered my bowel had perforated. Long story short I had part of my bowel removed, now have colostomy bag. I really don't think some doctors know much about IBD !! When I asked the doctor what I should do abou the pain? This was the week before I went into hospital!! He told me to put a hot water bottle on it and have a hot bath and to keep good posture!! I put a hot water bottle on it as advised and ended up with a raging temperature for 2 days. I was still working in a care home up to the night before I went into hospital. The surgeon came to see me after my op and told me he'd removed an abcess the size of a rugby ball from my stomach. Turns out I have Crohn's disease. Go back to your doctor, tell him/her you can't stop being sick!! I lost 2and a half stone in 5 months. I had a blood transfusion as my iron levels were so low. You need blood tests to check all your iron and vitamin levels. They will probably tell you most of them are ok!! But get copies of them as I was advised to do by Marz.take a look at them and see for yourself where they are. Don't just carry on as I did thinking it would get better. Don't ever think you're being a nuisance or accept what they tell you if your not convinced. We all know our own bodies after all. Doctors and surgeons are not God!! They're human like us and sometimes they get it wrong!! Get some help to try stop the nausea x🙏🏻


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