Hello everyone I just joined the group and not at a better (ok worse) time. I have uc and my current flare is pushing two years. None of the meds work for me even steroids. I begin entyvio next month and it is my last hope before surgery becomes a reality. Currently I am having to have iv fluids once or twice a week due to the dehydration and my pulse rate jumping high. I also have developed the nodules and swollen legs which suck since I have two small wild kids to chase. Any suggestions to help me be more comfortable until I can start my infusions would be wonderful.

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  • I've not heard of this but will definitely give it a try. Thanks.

  • Hi there, so sorry to hear what a rotten time your having to say the least!! I don't no if it will help but I was advised by someone who has UC to stay away from dairy and cut back as much as possible on sugar. He has managed to avoid surgery through his diet. He also said to have a small portion of brown rice each day, I had Uc many years ago, I had 2 bad flare ups. I've now been told I have Crohn's, I've had part of my bowel removed as it perforated and have a colostomy bag now. Had my op 28th may. I take turmeric as it is supposed to be good for IBD I also have Manuka honey in green tea on a morning. I do this because I have some inflammation still and am trying to avoid taking the drugs unless I have too. Waiting to go for tests in August. I hope this helps🙏🏻 take care.

  • Hmmm green tea. I will see if this helps with the swelling. Good luck with your tests!

  • Also try turmeric!! Read up about it and see what you think!! It's supposed to be good for IBD due to its anti inflammatory properties!! I'm just trying to help myself as much as I can. It may help you, Thankyou I'm crossing everything about the tests👍

  • I use tumeric on my horses and dogs for allergies and arthritis. It's good stuff and saves me hundreds In vet bills. If it's good enough for them maybe it will work for me.

  • Well there you go!! I thought it was worth a try!! 😀 I do hope you find something that helps you.

  • I have colitis which I control by diet, find wheat is my problem, causes bloating it is just a case of trying different foods to see what upsets you.

  • Unfortunately even after extensive food diary everything bothers me. Something's more than others so I tend to avoid the ones which leave me In the fetal position ( usually raw veggies and tomato sauce).

  • I'm on a low fibre diet at the moment and I'm keeping track of it via a food diary. Some days are good but then some days are bad, it comes to a point when you think you might as well just eat anything if everything is going to upset you!

    I am also thing tumeric tablets, artichoke and ginger are also meant to be good for digestion.

    I'm also taking a probiotics as well, according to Crohns &colitis support website this can help as well. It may take a month or so to see any improvement but it might be worth a go.

  • Get yourself the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" and follow the diet it recommends. It is strict but it has saved me from surgery and I don't take any meds at all now.

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