I'm new here just today ,I took ulcerative colitis in 1991 within 3 months of stoping smoking ,it just kept getting worse and worse no matter what I did or didn't do . Trying to live life was a nightmare even phyichologicaly the fear of going out (although) I did ) people didn't understand that fear . It got to the stage were they said it would be bowel removal ,Well that was it ,I knew nicotine had an effect on UC for the good . So I started vaping , with in a week I could see a big change for the better . I have been vaping for a year and have no symptoms I have had a colonoscopy and the bowel is clear with vertuly no signs of the disease . I'm still on all my meds but hope to get off them soon especially. Asathieoprine, but this needs to be done with the docs input . But even if I need to stay on some of the tablets ,life is 100% better . Doc didn't want me to vap but did offer me nicotine patches . They know the nicotine has a big effect for the good on ulcerative colitis . Not crohns . I didn't want to do it but am glad now that I started vaping .

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  • There is one more thing to try, try drinking a silicon rich mineral water, I drink Volvic or any silicon rich mineral water, 1 litre/day, plus from health food store Silica capsules, that should dry your stool. It will be a little soft, easy to pass. I blame Aluminium for our woes, that's why I suggest the Volvic. I was on the stage of having vaccines, then going on to Azathioprine much to my disgust.

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