Sulfasalazine 2000mg u/c

Hi everyone Iv had "Ibs" issues very serious for the past 15 years I finally got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis! I also suffer from cdiff and have a abnormal gut flora which my body can't seem to fight off! Iv had four fmt (fecal transplant) with only a 30 percent success! My proffsor put me on a new medication which I started yesterday Sulfasalazine! Iv read such mixed reviews i need to hear from someone on here success stories the side effects Iv read is making me VERY VERY anxious and I know I want to give this a good go and there are other medication options but he said to give this a good 3months before I decide if it's working or not! I'm a mum and wife to two very small children I'm scared I'm going to go loopy despressed and too dizzy to care for them! I need to hear that it will be worth it to push through side effects! If anyone has had experience with this drug I would love to hear from you :)! Thanks

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  • Hi, I don't have any experience of this drug. I've had Azathropine and I'm currently taking Humira. I have Crohn's/Colitis. I use another site called our-life-with-Crohn's.if you have an Instagram account you can locate it on there. It's very active and you may find the answers your looking for on can take a few hours to have your question posted sometimes but people will reply to you. I hope you get the support you need soon.

  • Iv just gone and liked the page! It's got so much information on it! Thankyou!!!!!!!

  • You're welcome we need as much information as we can get for sure 😁💜

  • Hi - I have been on 3000 mg Sulfasalazine for over 40 years! And have had no side effects and no flare ups for at least 10 years. So they seem to be working for me. Good luck!

  • That's great to hear! :)! Did you see results right away or it took time? Thanks for the reply

  • It took a while and I have had the odd relapse but I am convinced staying on Sulfasalazine has prevented any serious flare ups! Hope this helps.

  • Hi there! I was on Sulfasulazine initially when I was first diagnosed, the only side effect I had was really bad headaches which they said were common for this drug. My Dr switched me to Asacol which worked great for years but my insurance company stopped covering and now I take Apriso. I have Crohns so I'm not sure what the difference is medication wise but I think they are similar. Good luck to you!

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