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Hi I have had Crohns disease for some sixteen years and have had a large portion of my ileum removed I have been on Humira for some two years and this has helped in keeping my symptoms at bay , but lately i am getting worse . I get chronic cramping across my upper abdomen . I have had a short admission recently into hospital and they think i have a stricture where my resection was done ,

This is also made worse due to having gallstones . I am awaiting a consultation in london before i know if i need further surgery

Having a bad day today ,,,,, intense pain

Find it hard to share my concerns as there doesn't seem to be any help groups out there or should i say around where i live

This seems like a great way of sharing information and connecting with others in a similar situation

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Hi hun, Im on humira too and still get abdo pain, majority of the time its just the dull background ache, but occasionally I'l have days which leave me needing to take painkillers. are you on other medications? x



Thank you for your reply

I am also on Methotrexate and omeprazole with B12 injections .

My pain is an intensive wave like feeling with sharp stabbing pains , not nice

trying to keep myself from attending hospital by resting . I was admitted about two months ago to have IV steroids which helped .

I really hope the consultant in London will have some answers as this pain is getting me down ..... My crohns is now controlling me : - (


I find Im better controlled when Im on mercaptopurine. I cannot tolerate steroids anymore. Also have you tried metronidazole? its an antibiotic, but does have good effect on crohns, and can be used for several months. downside is it gives you awful metalic taste and you cannot touch alcohol.

Its difficult for non crohnies to understand how it gets you down, and I get so annoyed when people say I know how you feel I have IBS!


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