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Feeling extremely rough and can't do my post grad run or 5x50 :((

Well had a really rough day today. Sore throat, aches and pains and rotten stomach ache :(

After having had a great weekend it's a real downer. After doing my grauation run on Friday I did my first S&F Saturday morning and I really enjoyed, but it's definately not an easy option as I thought before I did it. It does do arm work which I wanted and it's 30 minutes so is 5km on my 5x50.

Sunday we went for a beautiful walk in the Flanders Ardennen in Geraadsbergen. It is very scenic with lovely little villages dotted around and the famous (infamous) De Muur. Any avid cyclists might know it from tours around Flanders in the cycle season. Anyway it's big and steep, but we did it and the view at the top is so worth it. We covered 16km altogether and we had a great time.

So this morning I woke up feeling like hell....had to go to work as I had some meeting planned :( God I hate meetings. Came home as soon as I could and had to go to bed for a few hours. Been up for a while now and had a small bowl of soup....but I'm going back to bed after this. I had hoped to run again tonight and do S&F tomorrow morning, but I'm going to see how I feel.

Another good thing I did over the weekend was to sign up for 2 fun runs of 5km. One is in May and one in June so I'm really pleased about that and can work towards these. Sorry to all the challenge team, but I will make it up when I'm feeling better. Good luck to all you runners and challengers and keep up the good work :-D

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Poor you - sounds horrible. Hope you're feeling fine and frisky again very soon! :D


Awwww heck, how miserable after such weekend highs. Get better soon - I diagnose an allergy to meetings, so avoid for a while ;)

Take lots of care, big cosy sleeps and you'll soon be back on track. Linda x


No need for apologies, you can't push yourself if you are feeling I'll. Just rest up and take care of yourself and you will be back out there soon enough.

Well done on signing up for some runs! It's great to have things to work towards :)

Wish you better soon!

Sue x


Get well soon x Soup and rest so like a good remedy to me x


I hope you're feeling better this morning. Look after yourself - you'll be back out there, don't worry.


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