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Can't believe I'm so close to graduating!

I was a little bit anxious about today, as I had been a bit all over the place with week 7 and the run previously I had only run 23 mins. However, I still went out determined to do it.

At first it was really hard and I definitely considered giving up. It didn't help that I'd forgotten to put on Endomondo again so I don't have the data for the first 8 minuted of my run :(

When Laura said 10 minutes I just thought, 'Only a third of the way in! I cant do this...' but I managed to keep running.

It was hard but then she said 5 minutes left and I was shocked! I can definitely do this! Managed to run 4.25 km in 28 mins which I'm really proud of :) Need to pick up the pace if I want to graduate on 5k though.

I think at the end of the run it kinda hit me that I had actually just run 28 minutes! That is pretty incredible for someone who only started running 8 weeks ago! Thank you soooo much Laura and good luck to everyone who's making there way through :)

Happy running!

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Terrific news ... little runs are now well and truly behind you. Am so impressed that you are simultaneously closing in on the elusive 5k too. I've been running 30 mins for the last few outings and am still getting barely 4k. However, I'm reckoning to graduate on Friday and doing another 30 minuter is my aim for then ... I'll build on the 5k afterwards. After all, it is, as you said, only a few weeks since I couldn't even do 1 minute! Go us, eh? Seeya soon at graduation :D

Cheers, Linda x


Don't worry about the pace, I'm told that comes the more runs you do the more you will build up on the time. Congratulations on getting this far, good luck for the future. :-)


Keep it going - you can do it - believe in yourself and you will reach your goal. :-)


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