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Week 1 Run 2


On Thursday evening after work my boyfriend and I went to our local park. I had planned to to start my C25K and my boyfriend had his own fitness things he wanted to work with however it turned out with us both doing the C25K. I pushed myself a bit hard on the first run and got a stitch which worried me as I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the session but my boyfriend told me to breath in through my nose and when I did that it helped and I managed to complete it :)

Today I completed Run 2. It was difficult this morning getting motivated to go for the run as my boyfriend is away and its only me. It was hard because I was concerned over my pacing and I felt I started to struggle early but while my pace my have slowed I was still jogging/running when I was meant to be. I was also concerned as I was feeling a tightness from my right hip down along my leg. I put this down to the terrain as I started on the paths but moved onto a green area in the park this was due to some more visitors to the park and being self conscious of the walk and run regime I moved.

I worked out that I will do 4 runs for each week. This is because I want to follow a full week (7days) and I started the week on a run day and I'm hoping that the allowance of the extra run will help better prepare me for the following weeks ahead. Well that's the hope. Next run is due for Monday.

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Well done, week one was probably the hardest week for me, I chose completely the wrong route, too many hills! Got that sorted and carried on, good luck to you,

thanks olliebollie i appreciate it


I've been kidding myself that I'm fit and healthy but had a bit of a wake up call last year. What I was aware of but denied in my mind was that I was losing flexibility. All kinds of things were that little bit harder than they ought to be - and it was a gradual thing that had crept up on me. I'm going out for W4R2 this afternoon and in just three weeks I've not seen much change in my endurance but my overall flexibility has substantially improved. I wonder if the discomfort in your hip and leg might be something similar?

I think this c25k thing is as much about relearning the relationship between us and our bodies as anything else.

Good luck


hi started c25k two weeks ago and have never run or enjoyed it. I wouldnt exactly call it runing but agree with laura that a light jog is best. Had to repeat week 1 BUT am starting to look forward to the runs and a travelling further in the same time than the week before. Have one more week 1 run to do before oving on to week 2 but do feel able to take on week 2. good luck if i can do it anyone can!!!

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