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W5R1 - First run in the sun!

Normally I run early doors but decided today I would run later when my daughter was at her drama class. I usually have an hour to kill so though I would put it to good use. Well first off it is gloriously sunny day here in Sheffield and I was faced with wardrobe dilemmas. Up to now I have been wearing a thin fleece with pockets for keys, phone and poop bags. Nope not going to stop me so with phone and keys in one hand, poop bags and dogs lead in other I set off. Thought the change of scenery would be nice but wasn't sure where I was going. Somehow ended up running uphill and walking down hill, dog had a poo during all three runs, nowhere to deposit the bags - no fun!!!!! Shins were hurting - first time that has happened!

But, but I did manage to complete the whole thing successfully. Oh forgot my water and then had to wait 15 minutes for daughter to finish.

Think I need to get some summer gear!!

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Well done on going from treadmill to outside! It will only get easier now :) I have not been brave enough yet. Treat yourself to some nice bits for running outdoors to celebrate the occasion :) x


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