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Speed podcast

Abandoned the woolly winter hat, wish I'd worn my sunglasses! (Not for disguise any more, I quit the need to do that a while ago...).

Boy was the sun hot! Even on the hills with the wind blowing, by the end of the speed podcast the sweat was poring down my back! Thoroughly enjoyed it though, feel that I'm ready to up the pace a bit now after pottering about just enjoying the pleasure of running. Carried on to make the run up to 5k, and according to my ipod nano it took 30 minutes, 51 seconds. Feeling a bit chuffed actually, as I haven't been taking much notice of distance and time before, I just wanted to be able to run.....

Happy running everyone!

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I really liked the speed podcast (apart from trying to pick the fast sped tempo!) and found it made a big difference to my regular running speed. A bit like the early days of C25K programme i've been able to make my old "fast" minute last longer and longer. Today I managed around half of the 5k at what used to be my "fast" pace!


I tried to do Speed today too - even upped my pace slightly on my previous 'normal' settings for the various bits. Then halfway through the third run the treadmill broke! Seriously dodgy loud grinding noise then a bit of a burning smell...! :o It had all been going so well until that point, too! ;)

Sounds like you had a fat run though - well done :)


Fat??? Great, that was meant to be! (Darn autocorrect!)


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