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First Time with Stepping Stones in the Tropical Heat

After graduating about a month ago, I've unfortunately had to reduce my runs to about two per week. I caught the flu and then a mighty chest cold and now the heat has been steadily rising so much that it is still about 35°C (95°F) with humidity when I go out for my 7pm run!

But, I'm determined to keep running until I'm forced to stop by the heat, so I woke up this morning and went out at 6am (30°C) to try the Stepping Stones podcast for the first time. Oh, it was so fast! I could barely keep up. Apparently, my baseline pace is slower than 150bpm, so after the first track I slowed down a bit and tried to just run for the full time while listening to the new music. I found that I still ran a bit faster than usual, subconsciously trying to keep up with the beats I guess. Next week, I'll try to come up with a more structured approach to working up to 10 minutes at 150bpm.

I can't wait to move home in 2 months where it will be cooler. My hope is that I can actually run faster, but the heat has been masking my real can hope.

As slow as I was running, there was an older gentleman who seemed embarrassed to be seen walking near me and every time I would pass him on my loop, he'd start jogging for a bit then stop. Maybe I should tell him about these podcasts and get him to join!

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Urgh! Can't begin to imagine running in heat like that - well done you. I'm sure you'll be twice as fast when you get to cooler climes! ;)

I can just imagine that poor man - though maybe if he's jogging and stopping, maybe he's already got the podcasts and is one week 1!


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