I have my badge

As I blogged the other day you know that I completed the c25k programme but today noticed that I now have my badge on here , so it seems more real :). Did my first post grad run today with the running club and a friend ran it with me. Without realising it at the time, I was running at a much faster pace but was exhausted when we got to the end. Think it's given me a kick up the bum to up my game, so thanks phil lol.

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  • That badge is gorgeous Geri and congratulations! I just now put it together that you are the co-worker Phil wrote about! Duh, me!!! ;-) I think I actually missed some of your blogs if it was mentioned. Congratulations again and wishing you a bright running future! Gayle

  • Why thank you Gayle, its onwards and upwards from here on :)

  • That badge looks lovely, if you want to see your run here it is:


    PS you dont need to up your game, your doing great, enjoy your runs :D

  • It does doesn't it :), good to see the route, I need to be adding another mile to that now. Does swimming count I've just done 40 lengths at the baths lol

  • Have you found that since running your stamina has increased swimmingwise? (is that even a word?!). I can now swim for 30 mins at the fastest I can go and not feel at all exhausted although my arms feel it the next day. Congratulations on graduating by the way :D

  • My stamina has increased, especially with front crawl, I can keep that going for longer, but swimming was my thing when I was younger. Who'd have I'd even be doing this running !!! Lol :)

  • Well done you! And that badge really suits you :D

  • Many thanks, its amazing what a little green word can do. Are you following the c25k?

  • Oh yes. Completed W5R3 yesterday and due to start W6 on Friday. Can't wait!

  • Good luck with it, I'll watch out for you graduating :)

  • How do I get my badge? I am now on week 8 and have completed 2 runs in this week.

  • You can get your badge by sending a message to NHS_Choices_fitness_editor... Find him using this link.


    and then click SEND A MESSAGE

    You can tell the world using various clothing emblazoned with the C25K Graduate logo from myself using this link...


  • Good luck with finishing the programme, I see a message has already been left about getting your badge :)

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