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week 3 run 1


So decided today was the day ...and rather surprised myself - (after an intial blip when i discovered I was doing week 6- quickly corrected that)- to be honest it wasn't so bad. i don't know if I was just in the zone. I was definitely keen to get get out and more keen to lose weight - so I just got on with it. Switched to beyonce to run to and it felt goood. I again re-discovered the joys of uphill running and that down hills are much easier. Carried on running/walking and prob covered 3 miles - which felt satisfactory and pay back for a very indulgent weekend.

My challange this week is to go out thurs after work - not my fav time, after faffing with the dogs and kids - but weigh fri - so its got to help ----hasn't it?????

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Sounds like you're really determined! Very respectable distance too. Good luck with your weight-in. :-)

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