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W2 R3 - Quite eventful!

Well the run started out well! I let my dog off, and started jogging round the field. I really got into a good rythmn, then glanced back over my shoulder to see where the dog was. To my horror she was rolling on her back, legs up, and I just knew it was some disgusting substance, e.g fox poo. I whistled and she came straight away and my fears were confirmed.

So I changed my route to go down the canal. I had to run over a horribly lumpy bumpy field, where cows had been to get there. I almost broke my ankle a couple of times as well! Once on the canal, it was an enjoyable run. I love running next to water and it was fairly quiet and peaceful.

Once Laura had said bye, I had another 20 minute walk home. This was when I came up with the ingenious plan to try and 'wash' my dog in the canal! Long story short, I fell in to my waist, failed to get the dog in and had to walk home, me wet and tired; the dog happy and muddy!

I am now sat on the sofa with my feet up, tired, but looking forward to starting Week 3 on Wednesday. I am slightly nervous - it seems a lot longer running! But I will tackle it once I'm there!

Happy Running!

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Love it! :-) Had to laugh. Well done on persevering. ;-)


Oh, sorry, but that did really make me laugh! Naughty dog! I bet you weren't laughing when you fell in though. Good job it was only waist deep! :)


Oh oh - perhaps you'll do a triathlon after this? :D Sorry to hear about your troubles but thanks for the laugh :) I hope your next run goes better!


Oh dear! This reminds me of the time my sisters westie jumped into a deep muddy pool. He came out black! He then ran around shaking himself off near all these people sitting out on the grass. We found a canal and tried to put him in put he freaked out! Ill never forget the shaking and splattering!


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