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A friend and I met at 5:30 this morning to run the actual route of the 5k we're running next Friday. So I listened to Laura's W9 podcast for the beginning, and then I just switched to other music when the warm down started. It took me 44 minutes, but I made it. I can't believe I can run 5k! I was really worried I'd have to walk during the race next week, so I feel much better about it.

Week 8 was rough for me. I guess it was just a slump week. I didn't feel good about any of the runs, and I just wanted to quit. I don't know what was wrong, but today I felt good while I was running, and I have that good post-run feeling, too. Yay! Thank goodness it's back!

I plan to graduate on Thursday and then do the speed podcast once or twice before I rest up Tuesday-Thursday for the race on Friday.

Happy running everyone, thanks for helping me get this far!

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well done thats amazing progress!!!...I wish you all the very best in your 5k race



Congratulations for doing so well, good luck with the rest of the week :-)


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