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Couch to 5K
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Snails pace, but improving.

The last few runs I have gone out without any music or anything and I enjoy it. Hearing my own breathing remains me to control it calmly, which has been a great help.

Mapped a run and decided to make sure I covered the 5km no matter how long it took.

Got up 6.30am Saturday morning, got ready had some orange juice and headed out.

Covered 3.39 miles in 35m 32sec, which upped my pace to 10m57s per mile.

Got me out of 11+ per mile so I am pleased with it.

Also it was a great run, a sunny but mild morning and as the traffic was light I ran on the road more than the paths (the up and down and slopes annoy me)

Of course come the 2mile ish mark I'm looking bright red and breathing a little heavier but I never stopped smiling. I think I may look a slightly scary sight to anyone looking. Though if they knew what the c25k journey and beyond was like I wonder if they'd feel the same.

The freedom running gives.

I need to plan some more routes and decide what I want to do next, as I think a goal is important.

logged my run on therunningbug and have logged up over 9 miles this week, I do like to see the figures. Total running of 1hr 39minutes Hopefully next week I can add to that, though its a busy week at home so I have to take what I can get.

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Well done 7-of-us, I don't think the speed really matters to many of us, me included. I just like the feeling of freedom of being out there. Don't like to hear my breathing though, I sound like a tractor with serious engine problems!!! Its nice to be able to aim for something though and the speed iand distance are the obvious goals to aim for. Keep on tracking your runs, its good to look back and compare your progress over the months. Well done :)


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