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How do I get the graduate badge next to my name?

I know I've seen this question asked before and I know I've read the answer, but can't remember what I do! Now I've completed a post C25K run I feel better about asking for a graduate badge. My Week 9 Run 3 was so ploddy that although I completed and effectively finished the C25K plan, I didn't feel qualified enough to ask!

Thank you x

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Well done on graduating!! :-D

To get your well-deserved badge, send a message to LoraHU (Find her in the Directory). She sorted mine in a couple of hours.

If, like me, you want something more tangible as well to celebrate / gloat about your amazing achievement, you may like to know that this website does NHS C25K Graduate running tshirts etc...

Not a plug - I have nothing to do with them except that they supplied mine, which I now wear with extreme pride every time I go out. And I ordered it at 3.00 on Friday afternoon, and it arrived on Monday morning!!

Enjoy the post-graduation running! :-)


Oooooh, I feel a birthday present idea coming on, will suggest t-shirt to hubby, thank you. My girls think it's a great idea :-)

Couldn't find LoraHU in Directory, perhaps they've moved on.

Thank you for your help though! x


LoraHU is not in the Directory but she does exist. So just type in her name. Alternatively you can send a message to the NHS Editor (who is in the Directory). Well done on completing the C25K programme.


I've just graduated too:D but can't seem to find LoraHU in the directory?


Thank goodness, thought I was just a numpty cos I couldn't see the name either! At least it's not only me, lol x


Congratulations, send a message to;



Thank you, message sent, will wait for reply :-) x


Sorry - LoraHU must have left the forum or changed her name. :-(

Hope you get joy with the other one... :-)


I think LoraHu responds if you click the 'Feedback' box at the top of this page? May have got that wrong though.


I found LoraHU by 'reporting' a message just to find someone to answer questions. She is there but not in the Directory. Alternatively you can send a message to the NHS Editor who is in the Directory.


Thanks guys, I've sent a message to the Admin so will give it a few days. If nothing's happened I'll chase it up.

Happy running! :-) x


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