Struggling for a while now

Don't know what is happening but I have been finding my runs really difficult for about 4 weeks now. I seem unable to tackle even the slightest uphill, not out of breath or anything but my lower back aches. My pace has is awful. I used to take 63 mins to do 10k. Today I was 71 mins for 8.3km.

Its not the weather as it has been going on for a while .

Any ideas?

I am running a 5k in 2 weeks and dreading how slow I will be.


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18 Replies

  • Are you doing all long runs or putting in some short interval runs as well. I am finding it tough in the heat but find mixing it up and doing some cross training helps to keep my body guessing. A friend of mine who is 60 has recommended glucosamine for joints. He recently did 10k in under 44 minutes but is a veteran runner.

  • Hi GF, I usually running 3 x10k a week, but a the running is so bad I am only able to managing about 7-8k. I have been taking the glucosamine now for 2 years which I agree does help the joints. Decided not to run today.

  • Hi Busted settee ;) haven't heard from you for ages, really sorry you are struggling just now, its not like you at all. Does your drop in performance coincide with the hotter weather by any chance? I'm thinking the aches and pains and lack of energy could perhaps be a hydration issue. I know last summer and when I ran on holiday in Tunisia I always drank loads of water the day before my early morning run. The lower back pain could be kidney's shouting for more liquids and lack of energy is most definitely a symptom of dehydration. Lets hope you get it sorted and feel more like your energetic self soon, good luck with your race in 2 weeks. :)

  • Thanks for the advice, I have 2 large cups of tea before the early morning run. I decided not to run today as its already quite warm by 0900. I have decided to do some shorter runs and concentrate on the 5k for the moment.

  • Thanx. I did the 5k on sunday 3rd at Bellahouston Park Glasgow and managed a 33min 5k, so not to bad after all. but I did come 110 out of 176,

  • I'm with oldgirl, on the possibility of an hydration issue. Try a fun run after good hydration and see how you feel. If your still finding everything a struggle have a word with your gp. Just precautionary. I am sure tanyag will be along with some advice as she was running with a kidney infection until it floored her. As we always say if in any doubt check it out, but I would try better hydration and a short run first. Good luck.

  • I agree I have decided to do some shorter 5k runs for a while, this way I might concentrate on my time. I am drinking plenty but as you say may need some more, I will give it a go and let you know. No run today as its too warm just now.

  • I got endomondo to set me up a training plan in preparation for a park run and was surprised at how slow they made me run almost all the time. Long runs and intervals were all at an "easy" pace which was about 1min 30sec per km slower than the target I'd set myself for the big day. The fast intervals ranged between 200 metres and 2 or 3 minutes. But it worked, and thanks to a flat course and cool weather I did even better than I'd hoped.

    Now it doesn't sound like you've hit what you'd call an "easy" pace if you're feeling as though you're struggling, but you're probably actually doing fine in your training. This week try to put in 3 or 4 fast intervals into 2 of your runs, then next week take it easy and just do 2 runs before the big day, and make the last run a short (about 4km) and easy (slow pace) one.

    But please don't get caught up in worrying about pace the whole time. As others have said, there might be an underlying reason why you've not been feeling great about your running. Hopefully you'll find that you've just been stuck in a bit of a rut and need the atmosphere of having others round you running as well to help you keep going and enjoy it.

  • Think you might be right. I am about to do some 5k runs from next week and not worry about getting the distance . Having a day off today.

  • It's been very humid of late which makes it harder to run and harder to breathe, might that be something? Also just wondering if you need to change your running shoes. Sounds odd but I was having some lower back pain and I changed my shoes and started springing along again. Maybe try some rest days too, I've found you come back fresh and less unfit than you think. Good luck.

  • I have got some new running shoes about 2 months ago which are great. I am taking 3 days off and starting a fresh from next week.

    Thanx for the advice.

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling great burstcouch , I was just about to post my self as I'm struggling as well , never got to10 k like you but I'm not loving it at the mo . Got 5k race for life Sunday too . I think it is the weather & like oldgirl says we are probably not hydrated enough so I think we should up the fluids & see how we go . Hope your soon feeling like your old self , take care & don't be too hard on yourself in this heat .

  • How did your Race for Life 5k go. I managed 33 mins.

  • Hi burstcouch , well done . I did it in 32 mins . Hope your feeling better

  • Am so worried about not achieving my 10k 3 times a week , that I forgot to focus on how I was feeling. So from Monday its 5k runs only and plenty of fluids too.

    Thank you for the support.

  • I wouldn't imagine it would be necessary to do 10k 3 times a week at all. Have an easy week or so, and try to enjoy the big day. I'm sure you'll be fine :)

  • Wooo hoo..................... I ran just 5k this morning and felt great, nice short and sweet run and my enthusiasm was back because I have decided before I got out of bed, to only to 5k runs this week and not push the boat out.

    Did the other 5k this afternoon on a dog walk.

    Looking forward to the next 5k jog on Wednesday.

  • Hi Burstcouch. I was going to say "How about swimming for a while instead?" but it sounds like you've got it covered now. Best of luck. Teri

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