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The first ten minutes is the worst!

I have had a few days off work this week, so have been using the excuse of the 5 x 50 challenge to get out a bit. On Monday we cycling to the seaside - which was a very hilly 52kms, Tuesday we walked 8kms and then yesterday I did B210K w2r2.

While my mind might have been ready, as after a stressful month at work, clearing my head in the fresh air was just what the Dr ordered, not sure my body was.

When I got back after my run, I was really feeling it in my quads and was actually a bit worried that I might have pulled something.

So after a bit of Internet research (what could possibly go wrong??) I sat in a very very cold bath. I am sure the neighbours must have been intrigued by my loud gasps, groans and shouts, but after ten minutes I was literally numb with cold that it didn't hurt any more.

Anyway legs all good this morning, and I have finally warmed up so there must be something in it after all - not sure I would rush into a cold bath after every run, but would certainly not discount it to prevent any injuries getting worse.

Just a leisurely walk for me today though :)

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Last week I did a 38km cycle (half of it off-road) and was surprised that it affected my running the following days! I was doing a tempo run, so knew it would be hard, but I couldn't complete the last 10 mins of running that I had planned. I never used to get so tired from daily exercise. Since I've got a race this weekend, I'm only going to do a short cycle today.


its definitely the off road bit that is a killer!

good luck with your race - I havent quite got my head around doing that yet :)


Those are long cycle rides! :O And with hills or off-road. Goodness, I'm impressed! :)

Best wishes with your race, swanscot, hope the hills aren't too bad. :)


Ouch - a cold bath! I'm glad it worked for you though :) Enjoy your walk!


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