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Week 2 down, bring on week 3 (I think!)

Another week done and it was a tough run today. Feel elated after finishing but I couldn't wait for the cool down walk to be honest! I think the 3 minute runs will be my biggest test yet. I love this forum, everyone who has commented plays a huge part in my quest for the 5K non-stop run!!! Keep running and above all keep blogging - it keeps us all sane and motivated. Got my Husband to take some 'before' photos with my phone today so I can hopefully look back at them in a few months to see the progress I am making. No pressure at all!

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Well done! I've just finished week three. Even though there are three minute runs there are only four runs in total so it's not too bad. Good luck!


Well done!! The 3-minute rums can seem scary, but the great thing about this programme is that each step prepares you for the next one, so each one is manageable when you get there. Tough sometimes, but manageable.

What great progress you're making already!! :-)


Keep going!!! You CAN do it x x


Good idea about the photos. I kept meaning to... but never quite got around to it. Did take some measurements though... on graduation it'll be interesting to see if there's been much change. Having said that my trousers are definitely looser at the moment and there's a hint of a waist. :-)

Enjoy week 3. :D


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