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I am enjoying the 5x50 so much, though I did have a few doubts about exercising every day as I have had dinned into me that you have "rest days" between runs which has always meant actually sitting down for me ;)

Then I found out that my niece runs twice a day every day!! As she's half my age I decided that once a day every day was fine for me - though I don't think it will ever become running every day :)

Although my legs feel permanently a little tired over the past 8 days I haven't had any stiffness or soreness - today is a a trail run W7R1. Wish me luck, the sun is shining just now but there is still ice on the pond. Roll on spring.


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8 Replies

  • Wow - I've just noticed I've done 9 days of 5x50 not 8 - hurrah for that.

  • I think the advice is that if you exercise one set of muscles hard then you should allow them a day to repair and strengthen. So exercising different muscles types every other day shouldn't be a problem (though I'm no expert).

    That's certainly what I am doing, and feeling good for doing it too. :)

    Good luck on the trail run. Much more interesting than tarmac, but needs more stamina. Good for discovering muscles in places you never knew existed. :)

  • I don't want to put a dampener on your running high but I will say be very careful running every day for even 10 in a row will be hard on your leg muscles. If you find its becoming too much try doing a walk instead it will at least give some muscles a bit of a rest.

    I think all of you doing 5 x 50 are wonderful and if I had not been injured I would have joined you - next year hopefully. Good luck each and everyone.

  • Don't worry Oldgirl - I don't think I'll ever be able to run every day! I intersperse with swimming, walking and fitness circuits. But that was the mental barrier I had to break, just getting my head round doing some exercise on running "rest days". My overall aim isn't actually running - I'm training for a high altitude trek in July - but running is a big part of the training and I do enjoy it.

  • It's great isnt it Jane?! :) I knew it was ok to do other forms of exercise on non-running days and is in fact encouraged but I had gradually trailed off doing any so this was the wake-up call my other muscles needed ;) Think they are complaining though of being woken from their slumber......!

    Enjoy your trail run; sounds lovely.


  • I've started doing exercises to "top up" the non-running (alternate) days when I find it hard to find the time to put in a 5k walk. Anyhow, I've started with the Strength and Flex plan with good old Laura getting me to work my upper body and, yes, it reaches the parts of me that running doesn't reach! I want to have a go at Wii exercises once I'm through with Laura. Like you, I wasn't doing anything on non-running days. This is just waht my body needed! Delia

  • Awesome Jane! We tried running a 5K the first part of the challenge week and quickly learned our old bodies can't handle it! ;-) Gayle

  • I think I'll quite likely end up running a bit less overall, but doing more exercise altogether. But it's still early days! It's a very interesting experiment though, isn't it!

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