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Knee's still hurting but ran anyway

So after my jubilation on friday from doing week 5 run 3 I thought I would try and get in a run today before going away and not being able to run till Thursday. My knees were still feeling a little sore from friday but today was my only chance....

I think I made a rookie mistake and took off too fast for the first 5 minutes as I thought to myself I ran for 20mins the other day so 5 mins will be a walk in the park ...... what a fool I was! Then after catching my breath I set off a lot slower for the 8 minutes, counting in my head wishing for it to be over, but it came round a lot quicker than I imagined. So by the start of the final 5 minutes I was feeling more energised so half way through I seriously upped the pace and carried it through until the end!! But boy am I feeling it now and my knees are throbbing. So more Ice packs for me and 3 days of rest before I tackle run 2.

I know now I was stupid to push myself on the final 5 minutes but that has always been my problem pushing myself to the limits. But Thursday's run will be a lot slower and more sensible unless I want to do more damage.

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You've beaten yourself up enough, and hopefully learned fromm the experience, so on that understanding here's a hug to help the knees get better () :-). I'll have it back if you overdo it on Thursday though.

Seriously though,Ihope the knees recover and you go on with no further problems.


I have done this myself and probaly we will mot be the last. The important thing os we listen to our bodies and rest for longer. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and good

Luck to you. :-)


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