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5x50 day 8. B210K W2R1. Feeling good!


Like many of you I started the 5x50 challenge last week and having fallen off the wagon a bit with my running, I decided to start the B210K programme as I think I need a bit of structure.

I was worried that the hilly cycling might make the running more difficult as at the start of each run my legs have felt sooooo heavy, but I have plodded round and am convinced that the mix of activity is actually helping.

I have loved getting back on my bike, am definitely seeing progress with my running, have managed to spend some quality time with hubby whilst walking and the team feeling of being part of the 5x50 challenge has been just what I needed to cope with a particularly busy time at work, so all in all I feel pretty good about life!

I never thought I would find the time to exercise everyday, but actually it has been fairly easy and the only thing I have really missed out on is watching a whole load of rubbish on the TV.

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Hi Thistime,

It's so easy to fall out of the running habit isn't it - I've had 3 long-ish breaks already since Christmas and each time I wonder if I'll get back into it again. It's great to have a target though so B210K sounds like a good idea.

I've also enjoyed more of a mixture of activities in the week since 5x50 started - of course I have run 3 times, but I've also done 2 long walks, 1 swim and today a bike ride. I enjoyed both the swim and the bike ride - I've done neither in the past 20+years - although I think my bottom will be sore tomorrow and maybe my legs too!

I may run tomorrow or may be forced to walk again (do hope not) as I've got this pesky cold. I might just give it a go and see how far I get. Running is quickest to get through and like you I'm very busy at work right now...

I'm really most looking forward to school going back next week so I can get back into a more normal routine.

Good luck with the B210K and just think what you're missing on TV :-)


Yes, I too have been struggling with a cold, what amazes me though is how much better I feel when I get outside.

Am impressed re swimming - I did consider that but the thought of 5km swim is just too much to bear - maybe I could do a 2km swim but walk to the pool, to make up the shortfall :)

Am certainly enjoying B210K so far, although it is weird going back to walking between sections again - bit worried about the final run when you go from 2 x 30 straight to 1x 60, but I guess you have to trust the programme. to be honest I didn't think I would make some of the jumps in the c25k programme at the time.

Fingers crossed for your run tomorrow!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Thistime

You know you can do 30 min swimming and 'score' it as 5k? I can't imagine many people actually swimming 5k unless they're pretty serious swimmers!

ThistimeGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Oh, I didn't realise that - thought 5kms of swimming was a bit of a tough gig!!

That doesn't sound quite so scary now :D


thinnerandfitterGraduate in reply to Thistime

Absolutely - my swim was 22 lengths/550 metres so just over a tenth of 5k! I have now called the pool to ask about lessons to improve my stroke - it would be nice to get to 30 lengths in 30 mins but I have some way to go there. Another unexpected result of 5x50 :-)


Sounds great.I agree that 5x50 is a real incentive especially being part of the C25k team.

I swam 800m or 32 lengths in half an hour on Friday. Usually I just do 20.

I'm thinking of fishing the bike out from the back of the garage too.

BTW which B210k programme are you using.

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