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I have not been running very regularly over this extended winter of ours - yes, call me weak for preferring to stay in the warm rather than have my lungs frozen! But I have maintained the 30mins of running. Now sunshine over the last week so I am proud to say I have done the three 5k+ podcasts. I found Stepping Stones quite difficult because the pace was much slower than my natural running pace, but I'm guessing if I want to increase my distance/time running this may be the way to go? Stamina was harder and I had to push myself, but managed to complete :-). This morning did Speed - thought it was going to be easy - the podcast time is, I think 26mins. How wrong was I, the interval training was tough but again pushed myself - I had to to save face as I almost sprinted past the Forces Fit group that was also out in the park doing their lunges, press-ups etc!

The moral to this story - if you have been a bit sluggish over the winter, don't lose faith in your running abilities, build back up to the full 30mins and then try these 3 podcasts - really good to have a new challenge and new music after doing week 9 repeatedly since I graduated in November (albeit only once a week!).

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You've done well to do all three in a week ! You might find you need to alternate with easier, steady runs. You are right though, these training sessions are the way to improve.

Until starting the 5x50, I was trying to stick to a training session once a week (intervals, hills etc), a steady 4-5 miles once a week and a longer, slow run at the weekend. On the 5x50, I'm sort of replacing the "rest" days with a slow, easy 5k recovery run - but if I start to find that I'm getting too tired I will get on the cross-trainer or bicycle on the "rest" days instead.

Well done for getting re-motivated after the loooonnnnng winter :-)


It's good to hear your positive experiences with these podcasts. I will give them another go but more sensibly this time as Speed broke me :( - although to be fair it was because I was running incorrectly, I think. And yes, it was great to have new music, and it was brillilant to have Laura telling me what to do again :)


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