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First ever street run - not successful :(

So due to illness and single parent easter holidays I've not been able to run for about 2 weeks, but today the kids went off to their Dad's and I excitedly put on my running gear and tried my first ever street run, as opposed to treadmill.

In hindsight I should have started back at week 1, rather than week 2 - but I didnt manage to finish a single 90 second run.

I'm so frustrated with myself right now, but I guess I'll just start back at the beginning, and try again.

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Just look at it as practise and start again with a clean slate. I've made the same mistake before, but don't let it get you down!


Running outside for the first time can be hard I'm sure just as I found running on a dreadmill extremely hard for the first time, got off it and nearly fell over!!! (hence my name for them).

You may have found your breathing was harder that could have been due to the very cold air, it catches in your tubes and makes breathing very laboured. You may also have gone off too fast too soon, I tend to have quite a lot longer a stride when outside which takes more effort. There are probably quite a few more reasons for you having found it difficult, you did NOT fail so forget that notion. Go out again after your rest day and I'm sure you will find it easier as you will be more relaxed, its no longer the unknown which always makes things more comfortable for us. Summer is on its way so it will be a much nicer place to do your running. Good luck, please let us know how you get on.


Don't worry too much - I think I got to week 6 before venturing outside and I did find it a lot tougher than the treadmill to start with. There are hills and different surfaces to deal with - even kerbs can seem like extra effort ! I think you also have to use more judgement in pacing yourself than you do on the treadmill, where you can pretty much depend on looking at the numbers on the display. There are also the reasons Oldgirl gives above.

Don't feel it was a fail - it's just a learning curve. Start off more slowly next time so you're saving your energy to last for 30 minutes. Also, don't try to run up hills at the same speed as you run on the flat - you should run up them with the same amount of effort instead, which almost certainly means slowing down and taking smaller steps.

Good luck !


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