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First REAL attempt

Well, today was my first session. I have tried the Couch 2 5K plan before on a treadmill, but got bored with no scenery. I am determined to stick to it this time! I will be able to run 5k!

I am also doing this because I am interested in doing canicross - anyone heard of this?

Also, do people reccommend leaving one day gaps between runs? I know it says this, just wanted to know first hand accounts!


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Best of luck! Well done on returning to the plan, I'm sure you'll find running outside a bit more challenging but loads more fun and interesting than running indoors on a treadmill.

I would strongly endorse leaving a day's rest between runs, even when you feel you don't need to - your body is adjusting to the new regime, recovering from new exertion and growing new muscles. I've just started week 8 and am leaving 2 rest days between runs now because they're taking so much out of my poor unfit legs!


Hi. Well done for starting. No, I can't say I've heard of canicross. Love to hear about it!

I'm no expert but I believe that the muscles that you use during your runs need time to recover which is why you need to leave 24 hours between each run. I believe it reduces the risk of injury. I'm sure others can elaborate or try a google search for more info.

Best of luck and keep running!


Canicross is the sport of running with your dog. There is loads of information of the internet, but this is the basics. Your dog is attached to you via a waist belt and bungee line, and the dog wears a harness so that as it pulls, there is no strain on the neck. So basically your dog is giving you a little help! Some dogs prefer not to pull and run beside you, and this is fine as well. It's up to you! It is a relatively new sport, but there are races over the UK. My Lab is only 11 months, so I'm waiting for a bit until I start with her. Also, I want to get my fitness up first, as she is very fast off lead! Hope I helped, feel free to ask for any more info and I will try and help you! The internet is a great source of info, the official CaniX website, or other websites such as canicross-scotland and k9trailtime. I have researched loads, and it sounds great fun, whichever way you do it, competitevly or not!


Just pop 'canicross' into the search box at the top right of the screen and you'll get a list of all the other runners who've included it in their blogs! Wish I had a dog too to join in. :) Linda


Thanks guys for your advice, second run tomorrow then!


And now I know. Thank you. I don't have a dog myself but I reckon they would be good company out on a run.


She is. She doesn't try to make me talk, or tell me I'm going too slow (she probably would if she could!). And she is always up for going out, whatever!


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