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Late Start

Hi everyone, my first blog!

Well I'm past retirement age and some time ago decided not to grow old gracefully. I started with a treadmill and progressed to including some exercises. Then a colleague told me about the C25K programme. I am now on week three and, although it is hard work, am enjoying the running. I appreciate that some may want it but I would not want an easier programme because of my age.

At the start I could not envisage running for any distance at all, now I am determined to get to 5k. Sharing your experiences is a great help.

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Good for you, and well done on doing getting week 3. :-)

Keep blogging and lets us know how you are getting on. :-)


Well done Oldfogeyrunner :) You've picked a great podcast to follow as it fits all ages and all sizes. I'm sure you will get to the end, I started 7 weeks ago and before this I definately wasn't a runner or even an exerciser!!!! Now I can't wait to get out there and isn't easy, or even that enjoyable sometimes, but I think I'm addicted :)

Keep posting so we now how you are doing.


Good for you! Keep at it and keep enjoying it, I'm no runner but enjoy getting out there. Look forward to hearing how you get on.


I'm on week 3 too! Good luck and keep running.


Good for you. I'm really impressed! It's such great programme! x


Great to hear from you. Lots of luck - here's wishing you flat roads and fair tail winds in the weeks ahead! ;)

I'm fast approaching retirement and also determined to get there ready to enjoy it to the max: fitter and healthier than I have been for the last few f-t working years! Would be nice to lose some weight too, though that is not my priority ... I sort of hope it might happen eventually as I cut down on calories and exercise regularly.

This forum is the most enthusiastic and supportive on the web...folk on here will spur you on, high five when you get things right and console if you have a grotty day. There are hundreds of miles of experience on here.

Look forward to watching your progress.

All the best

Linda :)


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