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Not quite as planned.....6 weeks pregnant! what should I do?

I hope no-one I know is reading this and if they are then shush! I'm pretty sure I'm safe on here! Anyway I am "unexpectedly" (I use the inverted commas as I obviously know how it happens!) pregnant with my 3rd baby and am currently running week 7. I am determined to graduate, haven't spoken to doc yet but I can't see it being a problem, I am otherwise fit and healthy! But has anyone done this while pregnant? It is obviously early so no big belly to hinder progress and I found today that it cured the slight nausea that has already started! I did find it hard going, especially the aches and pains, do you think that is related or is it just psychological? I want to run as long as I can and was wondering is anyone else has experience of running while pregnant?

Arrrgghh!! I am pleased but the timing sucks as I so want to do this! Am thinking though it may boost my sponsorship for race for life as I will be doing it while pregnant LOL!

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Can't answer your question but just wanted to say congratulations! x




Congratulations. :-)

From what I have read and I am certainly no expert, it is safe to jog while pregnant, but check with your doctor first.

Best of luck. :-)



As long as your other pregnancies were uncomplicated and you are fit and well it's usually okay to carry on any activities you were doing before you were pregnant (with the exception of things like horse riding, scuba diving etc.) BUT you should always get the go ahead from your doctor first. I'd probably be tempted to say step off the programme and just jog gently at the level you're at now, so 25 minutes 3 times a week. You can still walk/jog Race for Life. Your GP knows you best so go and see him/her asap xxx



No experience of running with a passenger but a couple of ideas to pass on:

There are "bump" supports available which might make life a bit more comfortable.

If the GP approves and you're feeling OK, I'd push through to graduation whilst you're still in your first & early second trimester before all the tendon and ligament softening starts in earnest in prep for delivery and your bump is a manageable size. You 've done it twice already so should be able to tell if it feels "OK" or not.

I used to love swimming when pregnant ... especially towards the end ... such a relief from the constant "weight lifting" (my youngest was born 10lb 8oz)


I think the thing to be aware of is not overheating. That is definitely not recommended but given the current glacial conditions shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you don't cane it too much. Your joints and ligaments will start to soften and shift so watch out for that. I have a ridiculously fit colleague who was running practically into the labour ward but she was uberfit before pregnancy so her body could no doubt take it. Professional advice would be wise. And - congratulations!


Congratulations :)


Thanks for the advice, I am ringing the duty doc today as I need to ask about some medication and I can't get an appt with my doc until 15th so will ask about carrying on, I certainly won't be doing anything post 5k, just not sure whether to stick at 25 mins or push on.

Think I will have to see how I feel, I did week 7 run 2 yesterday and completed it but I certainly didn't feel like I had anything left LOL!! That is quite normal for me on a second run of the week though,I hate run 2!

I think I still have an nhs bump support somewhere(or lent to someone) from last time as I had pelvic girdle pain so will have to find it when I get bigger! I really do want to continue but i think I will have to play it by ear!

Thanks for thecongratulations :-)


Congratulations! Have you seen the community MW yet? If not then you should be able to phone up and chat about it.


Congratulations, sorry can't and wouldn't dare give any advice as not qualified, ask your doctor to be safe.


Running is THE BEST cure for morning (afternoon/evening) sickness!


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