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W5R3 success :-)

Nearly a runner, completed week 5 run 3... managed 20mins non-stop in glorious sunshine this evening :-) Couch to 5K is an amazing programme - would not have believed at the start of the year that I could have run for this long. Believe I might actually be able to complete my leg of the Belfast marathon. Many thanks to Laura and the team who developed C25K :-) :-)

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Well done! More than nearly a runner, I think! I don't think walkers can run for 20 minutes! ;) Doesn't the sunshine make it all seem much more enjoyable?!


Thanks for the encouragement greenlegs - yes, the sun makes all the difference :-) (though bizarrely I still have snow in my garden!!)


Congratulations! Over halfway there and the big one out of the way :)


Definitely :-) :-) and double :-) !!

Well done indeed!! Am sure your next runs will go brilliantly.

Keep us posted

Ali :-)


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