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W1 R1 - taste of blood!!

Hi to everyone, I have never been a runner I struggled with the breathing because I was a smoker. I am now 1 1/2 years since giving up and have always admired anyone who has the determination and motivation to run. My first run I thought I was going to have a heart attack but as I proceeded it got better and was disappointed when it was time to warm down, I was just getting going and ready for more but best stick to the plan and not over do it. The one thing that did trouble me was the taste of blood in my mouth afterwards, a little worrying and just wonder if anyone else has suffered from this strange phenomena?

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hiya and well done you for getting out running :-) get you being disappointed in the warm down!!! methinks this is a great sign for runs to come :-)

can dehydration cause that kind of taste I wonder?



Thanks AuntiAli, good point as the taste went away after I had a drink . Should you carry water when you start out or wait until you are running for longer and need hydrating more?


I've just started too and I had the exact same thing!!


I remember it from my first few weeks, I too was a smoker till about 2 years ago so maybe something to do with that! Anyway it no longer seems to happen, so I would not worry too much about it.


Well done on your first run.Stick to the programme, you're sure to have good runs and bad ones.Trust Laura, she knows what she's doing.I was an unfit overweight and injury recovering novice 9 weeks ago and tonight is my W9 R3 run. Unfit ticked off, now to work on the other 2!


I take a small bottle of water with me, in the first few weeks I drank whenever I was walking, now I am on week 7, I snatch a gulp now and then. You can wait til you've finished but I find personally it helps prevent stitch. Also I have low blood pressure and I get paranoid about not enough fluid, its probably all in my head but it helps!

Well done for getting started, I gave up smoking in January (only 3 a day by that point) and the running has kept me off them! We went away at the weekend and decided to treat ourselves to a few cigs (had 5 over the weekend) and I nearly died doing my run on sun eve! I came in and announced "i am never smoking again" and I have never said that before, always seemed too final!

With the breathing I find it better if I do "rounds of 3" so 3 strides in, 3 strides out, as I find I am breathing deeper and filling my lungs better! Keep going and well done!


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