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W8R3 - accidentally caught up in a running club race!

Have just completed W8R3 - outside at last after being confined to the treadmill for the last few runs.

I decided to go to my normal dog walking moor, but to run round it on the road as the tracks still have snow/ice on. Was managing quite well and feeling more comfortable than I have done for the last few runs, which I've struggled a bit with. This was despite completely mistiming my walking warm up. I meant to time it so that the walking part was up the steep hill at the beginning. Unfortunately, my ridiculous sense of geography/time/space meant I completely misjudged it and ended up getting to the bottom of the hill just in time for Laura to tell me it was time to start running!

I did manage it, albeit at little more than walking pace - so I was pleased with that. Could just have done with it further into the run!

Anyway, half way round the run I got a shock when I started seeing very fit looking "proper runners" everywhere. I'd completely forgotten that a local running club start meeting/racing there throughout April and I got caught up in it all. Got some very strange looks off the runners and marshalls and felt completely intimidated as they all looked so much fitter and faster, whilst I was stumbling along red faced and gasping! Not one of them acknowledged me even when I acknowledged them!

I also managed to confuse a couple of runners who obviously thought I knew the way and they started to follow me, only to realise I wasn't even involved!

I did manage to complete the run so on to the final week. I can't believe I'm nearly there at last! Can't decide if I'm excited or terrified!

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Well done for keeping going and not giving up and hiding - I think I might have slouched off! Miserable lot, not even acknowledging you - never mind, we will! :)


Thank you. That's what I like about this site - everyone takes the time to acknowledge even your smallest acheivement and encourages each other.


I did laugh out loud when you said they started to follow you!! :D You should have carried on and taken them to some muddy, boggy mire to teach them a lesson for not acknowledging you! ;) Well done though on keeping on going and welcome to grad week! Woo hoo!! :)



Yes I should've! The funny thing was, at this point I was walking anyway as I'd just gone on the moor to give the dog some time running off the lead after she'd plodded along on the road with me during my actual run!

And I was deliberately trying to avoid them for making me feel stupid earlier!

I'm just pleased I've managed to get to week 9!


Well done on getting so far! :-)

As for the other runners, they might have been feeling a bit territorial... still, that's no excuse for their rudeness. Don't let them put you off running there again if you enjoy the location.


The rotten so-and-sos, not acknowledging you! Well done you for your run, and I wish you had led them into a muddy bit :D


Hehe, I also had an encounter with a running club, think it was about w2-3?? I was doing my small runs and just coming to the end when Laura should have said 'walk now' when the local club started towards me!! There was loads, all spread out taking it in turns to sprint up a hill! I felt so embareced I just kept going, so what should have been a 5 min run turned into a 8 min run!! Oh god I nearly died from exhaustion x

Good luck enjoy your final week x


"proper runners" pah! you are a proper runner, maybe not as fast (or ignorant) as the club runners, but a proper runner none the less.


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