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5x50 Day 1 Done / B210K Day 1 Done


And it's sunshining! Bonus!! :-)

With the clocks going forward I actually went out an hour later than usual but it still felt like -730am and I think the rest of the village hadn't caught up as I only saw 2 dog walkers in the time I was out there.

Managed to do the Pink B210k on my favourite trail (with a start that is some road going downhill - great, but that means all the rest of it is onward and upwards, luckily mostly just incline as it was a railway track originally) and it went well.

Not being "techie" I downloaded an app for the phone instead of having a podcast and I couldn't find the music until it was all over but hey running to the sounds of my gasps for air isn't so bad, at least I know I'm still alive and the purgatory is in my head! So if all goes well there will be a couple of Park runs in the next few weeks, the B210 will be finished and I'll be OK to run my first 10k mid May.

Stats are a mish mash as the Pink doesn't appear to give them (I may be wrong on this - see above) but my Nike+ walking says 55mins 8,881 steps and 7.93k (best bit 462 calories - where's that Easter Egg).

Good Luck to everyone else on whichever challenges you are taking on.

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Well done Annie on starting two challenges at once! Way to go!! :)



Oh, well done! :) What's the 'pink' bit? Probably being dense!

AnnieW55 in reply to greenlegs

Not dense at all. I was looking for b210K podcast and ended up with the 10k for Pink (free) i-phone app! There is an android option too if you google 10k for Pink. Guessing there is a breast cancer connection as there is a pink ribbon logo - need to check that out. This one is from beginner to 10k and I'm starting on week 9 which was warm up followed by 10min run, 1 min walk - repeat 3 times and final 5 min warm down (53 minutes total) which appears to be the usual way to go. 3 runs a week up to end of week 14 then one final graduation run.

greenlegsGraduate in reply to AnnieW55

Ah - that makes sense! :)

I don't usually stop once I'm running (in case I won't start again!) but this morning because I wanted to take some photos I did briefly, and it made me think - maybe this is a good idea! Even though the stops were short, it was the longest I've been running for (67 minutes including the 4 minutes of stops - but as I'm slow, and there was a big hill, I only covered just over 6k). I haven't looked at b210k as I thought it would be too much for me, but as I covered just over 6 this morning, and really quite enjoyed it, I think I might try to do some longer runs at the weekends, and perhaps put short walk breaks in.

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