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Week 6 Run 3 completed - right knee hurting

Well, I did it, I have completed week 6. The run was not too bad, my breathing was fine, and I was determinned to complete it. Problem was that for the last 5 minutes my right knee hurt like mad and when Laura said five minutes to go I could have cried.

I would like to appologise to all those dog walkers in the park this morning, the person talking to himself and shouting out that it flippin hurts was just a determined person making his way through a pain barrier.

It was nice to be told by laura that I am now a runner but I feel more like a limping along jogger at the moment.

Then after the run (and a shower) I had to drive to Derbyshire (4.5 hours) and sitting down that long hurt. Still had a pint in a nice pub whilst sat next to an open fire.

Going to rest until Monday and then go for WK7 R1 whilst I am up here - change of scenery may help to motivate me.

Hope you all have a good Easter :-)

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Well done with week 6. Go gently though. It's not motivation you need, maybe, but knee-nurturing! If it hurts sitting down, it might need a bit longer to rest than you'd like. You can't run without your knees - love them! :)


Congrats on your first 25 minutes, you runner you. :-)

Rest that knee and get it seen to if needs be. As Greenlegs says, you can't run without it.

Read this if you haven't already:

Happy Easter.


Yay, welcome to beautiful Derbyshire! I hope your knee improves before Monday - don't strain it through if it's not quite right. HAve a great Easter :)


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