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Reliving the dream

I've been reading posts since I started this about 8 weeks ago, and they are what got me out of bed and completing W5 run 2 this morning .

I'm female, 60 on the 16th, and used to run up to 10ks about 8 or 9 yrs ago. Then life took over and it all went out the window .... been meaning to start up again for ages - and now I have!!

I never ever found running easy, was always second to last in any run I did but I loved the joy of running and the joy of being able to, and thats what Im rediscovering.

Its taken about 8 weeks to get to W5 but today I did the x2 8 min runs, first one simple second one tough, still cant believe I did it...

For my birthday myself and 5 girlfriends are climbing Snowdon (but first a party - obviously!!!) so hopefully this will make that a little more doable..... what a great site, love the posts!!!

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Really lovely to see someone rediscovering a joy. How fantastic is that. Enjoy Snowdon and by the way, you are over half way through the programme. Well done you


From someone who is also 60 later this year, well done you. I have never run before and started this being very unfit. I don't find it easy but I do enjoy getting fitter and the satisfaction of completing each run (or shuffle in my case). Here's to us 'not so youngsters! Oh and enjoy Snowdon, beautiful place and in my homeland. :)


Welcome on board.

The joy of running does not diminish with age.

Run because you can.

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I'm really impressed! Enjoy your birthday

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Yeay! I have a little Snowdon Hat my Dad gave me when we climbed it together many moons ago!

Go you! Very well done on your journey so far... and keep it slow and steady to the podium!


Thankyou all of you.... to the summit(s)!!!!


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