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"Now off you go!" says Laura and I get a runner's high with the first step. W7R1

Amazing, and such a wondeful feeling. It now feels so natural to run. Having had to rest up for the past 6 days, to be out there running again is pure and utter BLISS. :-)

The 25 minutes went smoothly, as I immediately slipped into an easy routine. Plenty of time to reflect back on the journey so far. What a change in just 6 weeks or so. 8-)

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Oooh, I'm really happy for you. :)

Mind you, I had a moment of 'Oh no!' when I read, "I immediately slipped" - thought you'd done some more damage! Very glad you hadn't.


Thanks for the support.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow and then decide about 5x50...


Great to see you're back on the programme, and it went so nice for you! You'll only get better and better :-) Enjoy the high buzzy euphoria - Karen x


Thanks and Happy Birthday, Karen (any day now, right?). :-)


Its Saturday.....trying to forget Im another year older but know for sure Im a better fitter leaner me than last year. Happy Easter :-)


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