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Too much water?

Here's the thing; my wife has bought these fancy new scales which tell you all sorts of things you never knew about yourself (or wanted to know for that matter) and which, I suspect, are just another factor with which to worry people.

For example, among other things apparently I am 63% water. How it knows that I have no idea, but it's a concern.

For a start I don't drink the stuff except in absolute extremis, when there's absolutely, totally nothing else around. But now it seems I am full of it. I try and reduce the percentage with liberal quantities of wine each evening, but it has no effect.

It can't be good having all that water sloshing around when I run (runner's excuse no 367).

I fear a watery grave looms.... ;-)

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I love your runner's excuse - I might use it now!! :D

So long as it's not 60% wine ;)


In a star trek episode (apologies) an alien hails the crew asking to speak with the 'ugly bags of mostly water', AKA Humans. About 60% seems ok from a quick google search, so have another glass of wine and relax :)

You basically pick up water in almost everything you eat and drink. After a run it's good to drink some water (like Laura suggests) but don't drink too much before a run; you're right, you don't want it sloshing around your stomach before it gets stored away.

If you're using a set of scales with metal pads on the top, then I imagine it's sending a very low electrical current through your body, measuring the 'resistance' your body gives, and then inferring (using a standardised formula) how much bone, water, fat etc you have. It's a nice indicator for data freaks like me, but it's just a vague guess, so don't worry too much. It's a good way of tracking your reduction in body fat, even though your overall weight might not be going down.... although looking in the mirror is quite good indicator of that too ;)


Haha, I wish my body was carrying just water I'm afraid after 3 weeks in Cuba a lot of mine would be recorded as alcohol and fat from eating too much!!! The next time you stand on it shout "you little lier" :)


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