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Stopped mid week 9 :(

Hi guys after completed run 2 of week nine last Sunday Monday morning cut my hand pretty badly washing a glass jar and have stitches till Thursday this week. Decided wouldn't be wise to run with throbbing hand I'm unsure how to proceed. Should I attempt run 3 of week 9 or should I try to get myself back into things more gradually. Apart from walking dog last week or so not run at all!

Any suggestions? Was so close :(

Thank u :)

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With only ten days of not running, your fitness hopefully shouldn't have suffered too much, so I'd be inclin to go back in at week 9, but maybe be mentally prepared to take a short walking break after say 20 mins if you find you struggling a bit. For me, being 'allowed' a walk if I need it means that I don't feel that I've failed if I walk - and also having decided what time I need to get to before I can walk means I keep going beyond what I sometimes think I can.

Whatever you decide though - good luck, and happy running! :)


I wouldn't even think about it, just get out there and run. Take the start slowly and keep on running. If you only manage 28 minutes so be it, if you keep going for 30 minutes non-stop, congratulations will be in order you'll be a Graduate. Good luck. Hope you r hand is better too.


I like Oldgirls advice. Give it a try and see how it goes!!! Good luck to you and sending wishes for a speedy healing! Gayle


Yeah go for it, if you have to walk a bit, does it really matter your off the couch and getting out there. Take it easy though


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